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Cynthia D’Vincent is not an allopathic physician or psychotherapist.  She does not treat, cure, diagnose nor prevent any medical or psychological disease, disorder or ailment.  She is a certified Neuroptimal trainer.  She helps people relax and reduce the stress they suffer as a result of a variety of disorders; including but not limited to concerns dealing with focus, attention, concentration or recall; concerns over anxiety, depression, or oppositional behavior, and cognitive or academic concerns.

**It is important to seek professional medical and psychological help for brain-related challenges. There is no one brain training answer that fits every person and situation.

Cynthia D’Vincent, NT*
​Cynthia spent more than 30 years conducting cetacean research.  Working with some of the top acousticians in the country, she was able to observe significant behavioral results in marine mammals through the use of bio-acoustic playback techniques.  Her transition from whales to humans builds on her understanding of the efficacy of biofeedback as an effective tool in affecting results.   She has published the results of her studies in books and numerous publications in both the lay and scientific press, and has been featured in more than a dozen documentaries and movies, including IMAX, Discovery, and National Geographic. 

When a close friend developed post-traumatic stress, her attention shifted to medical research, exploring every possible avenue to bring assistance.  Psychiatrists prescribed medications which caused negative side effects, requiring additional medications to reduce the symptoms of the other drugs, and talk therapy was helpful, but none of the treatments was truly effective.  Neuroptimal neurofeedback seemed a viable tool for central nervous system repair, but she had not anticipated such positive results. The very first session produced a calm state of mind and a full night’s sleep for her friend; the first in years.  By the third session, she was convinced this would be of great help and now her friend is 100% medication free and credits Neuroptimal for her recovery.  The success of this system, experienced first-hand, encouraged her to train in Neuroptimal neurofeedback so that others who may be in need, or may simply want to improve their overall health and performance, can find the assistance they seek.