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The trainer will ask you to fill a very brief questionnaire describing how you are feeling and what you may have noticed in between the sessions. You will then sit in a comfortable chair while your trainer places a tiny sensor on each side of your head and three ear clips on your ears. The tiny sensors on each side of your head are attached with water-soluble paste, which will help pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, the Neuroptimal® system is simply reading this signal. The paste is easily removed after the session. Your trainer will then give you a headset and offer you a blanket while you listen to music and watch visuals on a monitor, if you so choose. Your trainer will record a baseline (called a pre-image) and then your session will commence. 

There will be very brief pauses in the sound and image. The pauses are often so quick you may not consciously notice them. The pauses correspond to moments of less fluid brain activity, and serve as cues to your brain. Your brain uses the mathematics behind these cues to distinguish between efficient and less effective brain activity. The very precise timing of these pauses gives the brain the information it needs to reorganize and function more optimally. Clients tend to find these sessions very relaxing. The training time is 33.30 minutes. After the session has been completed, the trainer will take another recording and compare it to your baseline. While the sensors are being removed you will be given a form to fill out about how you experienced your session. Both the baseline image and the post-image will be saved in your file.

What Happens in a Session