Neuroptimal vs Other Neurofeedback Systems

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The focus of NeuroOptimal® neurofeedback is on optimizing brain functioning by improving the central nervous system’s flexibility, resilience and stability. This is not treatment, it is training your central nervous system to work more efficiently and effectively. Other systems require the practitioner to diagnose a problem so that a treatment plan can be mapped out. NeurOptimal trains outside the awareness of the conscious mind, The client just relaxes and does not have to “achieve” anything.  Other systems seek to train the conscious mind to control brainwave activity which requires a conscious effort from the client to meet externally imposed goals. NeurOptimal simultaneously targets sixteen sets of frequencies in the same manner for all users.  Frequencies balance off other multiple frequencies so the brain cannot overtrain in a specific area.  Other systems use limited frequencies at the discretion of the trainer which can create overtraining with potential side effects. Working on a disorder and achieving Peak Performance are very different goals and tasks. NeurOptimal® provides moment to moment feedback on the brain’s activity. The brain makes adjustments using real time feedback across a wide spectrum of frequencies meant to increase overall mental fitness. There is no separate assessment needed.  Other systems require weekly or monthly feedback from the patient to evaluate and control the training regimen. This is time consuming and costly, often doubling session time at no additional benefit.          NeurOptimal® does not push the brain - it simply offers information and the brain does the rest naturally.  Other systems push the brain to do more or less of something as decided by the practitioner.