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"I've completely stopped overeating after a lifetime struggle.  If the urge comes up it seems resolved before I reach the refrigerator."  E. D., 30, female, Carmel, CA

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​​​​​Transform Your Perspective

Monterey Bay NeuroBalance is a resource center created to help you achieve a greater sense of well being through a more balanced and resilient mind.  We utilize Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, advanced brain training technology developed by neuroscientists, which is 100% non-invasive and safe.  

Neurofeedback was first created to assist athletes in achieving peak performance, and continues to be a powerful "secret weapon" for golfers, tennis players and other athletes to enhance their performance.  It soon found it's usefulness in other areas of mental health, and is now an effective choice for addressing a number of mental and emotional concerns.

Mental patterns developed over time can inhibit our potential, deprive us of happiness and affect our health.   Whether it is sleep irregularities, depression, eating disorders, emotional adaptations to specific events or biological tendencies, interrupting negative patterns by retraining the brain can result in a return to mental equilibrium and emotional resilience.  A balanced mind increases our capabilities and restores a sense of well being.  With over 3 million Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions worldwide, positive outcomes have been reported for the following conditions:

​​Anxiety            Stress                      Headaches                

Depression       Immune Function     ADD / ADHD

Addictions        Eating Disorders       Inability to Focus     

Chronic Pain​     Sleep Irregularities   Anger management

PTSD               OCD                        Performance Enchancement

Monterey Bay NeuroBalance

"Neuroptimal helped me reorganize my mind.  My anxiety was replaced with clarity which enabled me to control situations that would previously have controlled me."  S. W.  56, Male, Carmel